Skylotec's new descender, the Sirius A-050 is attracting a lot of attention. Rated to 250kg without the need for extra friction the Skylotec Sirius is ideal for use in rope access, rope rescue and tactical operations.

Certified to EN 341:2011/2A and EN 12841-C:2006 the Sirius is lighter and more compact than comparable devices. Made completely of metal the device is sturdy and robust and fits in the palm of your hand.

Features and Benefits

  • The lever has a small radius of motion that saves time when working because quick and accurate movements are possible.
  • When released the lever returns to the locked position locking the rope in the device.
  • Unintended opening of the lever is not possible. It will not open until the operator presses the locking button.
  • It also has an anti-panic function and a hole to facilitate remote operation.
  • An auto-lock feature locks the cover when loaded.
  • The Sirius has a top becket to create a mechanical advantage in rescue and hauling applications.
  • It doesn‘t have to be removed from the carabiner when inserting or removing ropes. No more dropped equipment.

No Twisted Rope, No Turning Over.

Working with descenders often means battling with twisted or kinked ropes. With the new descender, SKYLOTEC has solved this problem. The rope pathway through the device means the rope comes straight out the bottom. As there is no deflection over an edge the rope no longer gets twisted when descending.

Many devices change their geometry when flipped over. They start to slide along the rope. Pulling the lower rope will not capsize the Sirius.

The Sirius packs the advantages of the best descenders for industrial and rescue applications into an extremely compact design With better handling and long service life this device is an obvious choice for rope access and rescue professionals.


Unsure if this device is the right one for you? Have some questions about pricing? Do not hesitate to contact one of our technical specialists.