North, south, east or west. Confidently roam the far reaches of your roof with SafetyLink's ultra lightweight roof workers kit and unique portable multi-directional temporary roof anchor.


SafetyLink: TempLink 5000 Temporary Roof Anchor

SafetyLink TempLink 5000 Temporary Roof Anchor

Uniquely-designed and packed with features, this portable, easy-to-install and relocatable multi-directional temporary roof anchor will take you wherever you need to go.

Key Features and Benefits:

360 degree multi-directional anchor

Move in any direction

Designed and tested as a multi-directional anchor, you can roam around your roof in any direction you need to get the job done

Energy Absorbing Temporary Roof Anchor

Reduce your injury risk

In case of a fall, patented energy absorbing technology will help to reduce the risk of personal injury and/or roof damage

Fall Arrest Temporary Roof Anchor

Stay safe if should you fall

The TempLink 5000 will arrest your fall. It complies with Standards for anchorage devices used in fall protection systems

Load-Rated Temporary Roof Anchor

Built just for you

Designed for use as a single person temporary roof anchor, the TempLink 5000 has been tested and load-rated to 15kN

Metal Roof Temporary Roof Anchor

Ideal for metal roofs

The TempLink 5000 temporary roof anchor can be mounted onto metal roof sheeting with steel purlins or timber battens



SafetyLink: XtraLight Roof Workers Kit

SafetyLink XtraLight Roof Workers Kit

Features an ultra-light full body harness, a 20m rope line with built-in energy absorber and lightweight rope grab, a load-rated anchor strap, extra karabiners and a gear bag. Ideal kit for roof workers.

Key Components:

SafetyLink XtraLight Harness

SafetyLink XtraLight Harness

Made with all alloy fittings, this full-body harness is noticeably lighter. Front/rear attachment points plus gear loops (rescue) are popular features. A 300mm dorsal extension strap makes it easier to confirm connection to a rear fall arrest point

SafetyLink 20m Rope Line

A larger-than-standard 20 metre adjustable rope line complete with built-in energy absorber that allows for flexible work positioning via a lightweight alloy and stainless steel rope grab. Ideal for roof work

SafetyLink XtraLight Roof Workers Kit - 20m Rope Line 

SafetyLink XtraLight Roof Workers Kit - Anchor Strap

SafetyLink Anchor Strap

A 25mm webbing anchor strap (flat construction) which is 1.5 metres in length and load-rated up to 21kN

SafetyLink Karabiners

Two high-strength aluminium double-action karabiners with 16kN gate strength to help eliminate any forced rollout. Useful for redirecting rope through additional anchors

SafetyLink XtraLight Roof Workers Kit - Extra Karabiners
SafetyLink XtraLight Roof Workers Kit - Gear Bag

SafetyLink Gear Bag

A heavy-duty nylon gear bag with fold-down opening for easy storage. Also incorporates an external clear window for quick and easy inspection. Shoulder straps and a top handle offer convenient carry options