The new International version of the Petzl ASTRO Bod Fast harness has been available since mid-2019. There are a number of differences between the International and the European versions that are mainly due to the ANSI Standards requirements. So what are they?

Releasable shoulder buckle and lanyard parking points

  • The addition of the releasable shoulder buckle on the International version of the Petzl ASTRO makes it easier to don
  • The double-back buckle on the right-hand side (while wearing) is different to the European version
  • Lanyard parking points that release at 5kg force (0.05kN) have been included

Fall Indicator on Dorsal Attachment Point

The International version of the Petzl ASTRO includes a fall indicator on the dorsal attachment point. This is a requirement of the ANSI Standard ANSI Z359.11.

Petzl Astro Bod International Lanyard Keepers Petzl Astro International Fall Indicator Petzl Astro European Front Petzl Astro International Front
Images show the Petzl Astro Bod Fast International lanyard keepers, quick connect buckle on shoulders and fall indicator as well as the differences in the Ventral attachment point configuration

Ventral and Lateral Attachment Points

The ANSI standard does not allow the attachment of lanyards to the ventral point. The webbing configuration removes the ability to attach a lanyard to this point of the Petzl Astro International. It does still offer the ability to connect the Petzl PODIUM to the ends of the bar.

The webbing from the leg loops to the waist-belt is also wider as the webbing needs to be folded in order to fit onto the central bar of the ventral attachment point.

The two lateral attachment points on the international version are conventional metal construction (rather than the plastic inserts of the European version) They can be folded back out of the way when not in use. There is a saving on weight due to the H-profile (cross-section) construction

Petzl Astro European Side D Petzl Astro International Side D Petzl Astro European Leg Buckle Petzl Astro International Leg Buckle
Images show the differences between the lateral attachment points configuration and the waist and leg buckles.

Waist-belt and Leg Buckles

  • The doubleback waist-belt buckles are different to the European version.
  • Again, to comply with ANSI Standards, the leg loop FAST buckles are different to the European FAST-LT buckles.

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