About Us

Height Dynamics specialises in delivering height safety, rope access, confined space and rescue services and equipment. We work with a broad range of customers, from large corporate clients through to individuals, who are looking for a height safety expert that can offer:

  • Specialty knowledge to solve complex safety solutions that don’t quite fit into the box
  • Consistent advice across all aspects of their business
  • Practical solutions to allow their workforce to safely work in high-risk environments
  • Simple but effective processes that are easily integrated into their workplace.
  • Assistance with the development of safe and workable processes and procedures for their workplace.
  • Skilled and experienced rope access operators to access difficult or hard to reach work areas to perform repairs or tasks.
  • A truly integrated solution involving the development of procedures, provision of training and equipment and ongoing maintenance or management of their systems.

Our range of offerings include:

5 reasons why Height Dynamics is the best choice for your business:

  • We are subject matter experts in working at height, confined space and rescue. This is the sole focus of our business rather than a service add-on. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of industry best practice.
  • As an independent operator, we are not tied to any one manufacturer. This allows us to provide the best-fit solutions for your particular application.
  • We don’t just give advice, we live it. We use the equipment we sell and we work off the systems we install. Our industry knowledge comes from a depth of practical hands-on experience.
  • Difficult access is our specialty. We see complex problems as an opportunity to do our best work.
  • We live and breathe safety. It’s the first thing we think of….and the second, and the third. Our mission is to promote safety as a culture through education and by example.