The Small Iron Wizard Karabiner from ISC Wales is one of the world's strongest connectors. It's ideal for a range of heavy-duty applications and comes in a variety of gate styles.


Small and sleek but shockingly strong

With a minimum breaking strength of 70kN, the Small Iron Wizard Karabiner can take the strain of 7 tonnes - which is about the weight of three Range Rovers! Stronger than most connectors by some margin


Suitable for heavy-duty applications

This high strength-to-weight carabiner is a go-to for your heavy-duty work. Ideal for rigging or rescue applications. Or when you need to haul heavy materials, equipment or awkward items around your site


A unique design feature reduces snagging

A design feature of ISC's Small Iron Wizard Karabiner is its unique "blind" nose. This helps to improve in-use performance by avoiding and reducing the potential for snagging on ropes


Multiple gate options are available

We have two gate options currently in stock. The Standard Screwgate (unscrew, open). And the Supersafe Triple-Action Auto Lock (lift, turn, open). Gate opening in both cases is ~26mm


In-Stock Now

ISC Small Iron Wizard Karabiner
(Standard Screwgate)

ISC Small Iron Wizard Karabiner
(Supersafe Auto Lock)

ISC Wales - Small Iron Wizard Karabiner - Standard Screwgate ISC Wales - Small Iron Wizard Karabiner - Supersafe Auto Lock

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