ISC: Homegrown heavy-duty height safety specialists

For more than 50 years, the tight-knit team at International Safety Components (ISC) in North Wales have been pioneering and engineering innovative safety solutions for a wide range of industrial and heavy-use applications.

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It all started in the 1960's, when young Denny Moorhouse took a shine to mountain climbing. His early roles as a climbing instructor led to the establishment of local start-up business - Clogwyn Climbing Gear - in 1966.

Whilst initially focused on manufacturing climbing gear, Denny's passion for helping height workers would eventually lead to the company to embrace the specialist world of industrial safety products.

By the time Clogwyn Climbing Gear became International Safety Components in 1995, Denny's reputation for innovate product engineering had begun to open doors into markets across the world - including Australia.

Today, ISC is a highly-respected global player operating at the forefront of climbing, rigging and rescue product development. But this family and community-oriented business still remains headquartered where it all began - in the cathedral city of Bangor in Gwynedd, North Wales.

ISC: Innovative industrial-grade equipment

As hands-on height safety experts, it's our job to traverse a variety of commercial, industrial and geotechnical spaces. Everything from ultra-high-rise commercial buildings to deep, dark and claustrophobically-narrow industrial dry wells.

And we just wouldn't be able to do it without world-class, industrial-grade, specialist equipment - the kind made by ISC. It's not just about their quality control and attention to detail. ISC frequently incorporate unique design features that make difficult and dangerous work a little easier. Here's a few from their current catalogue.

ISC R-ALF Two-Way Auto-Locking Pulley

This multi-directional pulley comes with a fully load-rated becket. Combined with a set of pulleys, it can provide a 3:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage system.

ISC R-ALF Pulley

Ideal for:

  • Confined Space
  • Rescue
  • Work Positioning

Special features:

  • The ISC R-ALF Pulley has an over-speed brake built in. This means that the pulley will lock on and hold should the user ever lose control of the rope. As such, an external brake is not required
  • The pulley's locking system can be operated remotely and is capable of several thousand locking cycles (provided it passes inspection)
  • In addition, the locking system doesn't use a toothed cam - so damage to the rope is minimised



ISC HaulerBiner Compact Rescue Kit

The ISC HaulerBiner is a light, compact, efficient and fully load-rated multi-use system that's ideal for lifting people.

ISC HaulerBiner

Ideal for:

  • Rope Access
  • Tower Climbing
  • Industrial Rescue

Special features:

  • The ISC HaulerBiner has three pulley wheels that are incorporated into each carabiner. This creates a contracted length of only ~30cm and a very lightweight 6:1 or 7:1 mechanical advantage system
  • It also has a purpose-designed progress capture cam (with an on/off position). And sock-covered working ropes to enable tangle-free operation



ISC Deadweight Trolley Rope Access Anchor

This wheel-mounted portable anchor device is used by rope access technicians in environments where space is limited and installed anchors are not available or within easy reach.

ISC Deadweight Trolley Rope Access Anchor

Ideal for:

  • Difficult or Confined Spaces
  • No Fixed Anchors Available

Special features:

  • The ISC Deadweight Trolley Portable Anchor Device meets IRATA requirements for a 15kN anchor and is load-rated for a two-person rescue
  • Wheel-mounted and designed to sit behind structural handrails, balustrades or parapet walls, this portable anchor device is quick and easy to move into position which minimises rigging time
  • With every component weighing less than 25kg, the ISC Deadweight Trolley Portable Anchor Device is easy to store, transport and set-up