The TAZ Lov2 device has been available since 2015. Manufactured in France it is the brainchild of Pascal Ollivier, a Rope Access Technician who in 2002 was inspired to build a device that could descend on tight ropes. The LOV2 device has been developed from the original idea and is now available for use when working at height.

The LOV2 is a multifunctional device and can be used on diagonal or tight ropes. It can be used as a

  • Fall arrest or back up device,
  • Work positioning device
  • Descender and
  • Chest ascender

The Taz Lov2 has a number of unique features that separate it from other devices available for working at height.

+ The device can be installed onto a loaded rope

This feature lets the device “break-in” to a loaded rope. A rescue tech can facilitate an efficient and effective technical rescue with minimal extra equipment. For example, grabbing the rope line with the Taz Lov2, then using a pre-rigged mechanical advantage system to transfer the casualty off their rope line onto the Taz Lov2 allows the rescue technician to quickly evacuate the casualty. 

+ Use of the device for fall arrest with a self-rescue function.

Due to recent changes in the fall arrest standard, the Taz Lov2 now conforms to AS/NZS1891.3 2020 Fall Arrest Devices. As the rope lays through the device in a straight line it follows the user untended. The device can be used on a flexible anchor line to create as a fall arrest system for ladder, roof and other similar uses. In the case of a fall, the descent function gives the user the ability to self-rescue by simply descending to the ground.

+ Use of the device on diagonal or tight ropes.

On advanced sites where descent and back up ropes need to be tensioned diagonally to avoid obstacles, the Tax Lov2 can still be used.

The TAZ LOV2 is an innovative device that can function as your fall arrester and as a descender or ascender. Rated for use on rope diameters 10-11 mm the Lov2 has a maximum load of 120kg. With certification to EN 12 841 type A/C and EN 358, the device also conforms to the requirements of AS/NZS1891.3 2020.


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