Need to nagivate murky manholes, tall tanks or deep dark wells? Checkout Ferno's new & improved confined space kits. 

Ferno Confined Space Kit with IndustriPod

Ideal for accessing deep, dark and difficult confined spaces

Ferno Confined Space Kit with IndustriPod

Ferno's new confined space kit features the IndustriPod. This heavy-duty tripod is one of the strongest, sturdiest and safest available on the market today. With its adjustable, quick-lock, non-slip legs - the IndustriPod is ideal for securing your access to confined spaces. Note: Footprint required for use is 2523mm (based on outside diameter of feet).

 Ferno IndustriPod

IndustriPod Features:

  • Adjustable legs with quick-action ball lock leg pins
  • One-piece fabricated steel head
  • One stainless steel M12 swivel eyebolt anchor point
  • Three side plate anchor points
  • Three tie-off points for rigging or stabilisation
  • Adjustable feet with non-slip tread patterns
  • Adjustable foot tether

Rated for:

  • 2 person rescue
  • 1 person working

    Along with full-body confined space harnesses, the kit also includes a confined space spreader bar. This bar attaches to pick-up points on the harness shoulder straps - providing the user with a vertical lift into and out of tight openings.

    Finally to the Ferno Confined Space Winch. This hand-operated wind-up, wind-down winch is built to lift and lower both people and equipment. It's not rated for fall arrest, but does have a back-up brake system for extra security.



    Ferno Confined Space Kit with Industripod+

    For more lift height and flexibility - upgrade to the IndustriPod+ kit

    Ferno Confined Space Kit with InudstriPod+ Plus

    The Ferno Confined Space Kit with IndustriPod+ has two big advantages. Firstly, it has two pulleys instead of one. This makes it easier to attach more than one winch simultaneously - giving you multiple winching options on the job.

    The second advantage of the IndustriPod+ is that your pulleys are built into the head of the tripod itself (rather than hanging underneath the tripod). This means you can run your rope or cable over the top for a higher lift.  

     Ferno IndustriPod+ Plus pulleys  Ferno IndustriPod+ Plus



    Ferno Confined Space Retrieval Kit with Type 3 Recovery Winch

    For fall arrest capacity and 3-way retrieval capability - get the kit with a Type 3 winch

    Ferno Confined Space Retrieval Kit

    Whilst retaining the IndustriPod+, Ferno's Confined Space Retrieval Kit features the flexible Type 3 Recovery Winch.

    When used with a suitable fall arrest harness, this high-quality, heavy-duty inertia reel has the capacity to arrest any sudden free fall. As such - and unlike other winches - it can be used as part of a fall arrest or restraint system.

    However, it can also be quickly converted into a 3-way retrieval system. This built-in rescue capability enables the lifting and lowering of injured parties to safety in an emergency.

     Ferno Type 3 Recovery Winch on Tripod  Ferno Type 3 Recovery Winch