Supersize your safe space with SpanSet’s Dynamic Self-Retracting Lanyard

When choosing a fall arrest lanyard, we all want the freedom of movement that a full-length lanyard offers - even if we don’t need the whole 2 metres for every task we’re performing.

Historically, this meant accepting a longer-than-necessary potential fall distance. But when SpanSet launched their Dynamic Self-Retracting Lanyard (DSL) in 2012 that all changed.

SpanSet’s original DSL design reduced fall potential

Whilst still full length, SpanSet’s breakthrough design gave us a lanyard capable of automatically retracting to remove excess length when not needed. As a result, the distance from anchor point to harness is kept to a minimum at all times - which also reduces any potential fall distance.

SpanSet’s new DSL design adds on a faster fall arrest

The next generation of this product - the SpanSet DSL2 range - goes even further.

SpanSet’s DSL2 still automatically extends and retracts when in use - but it also now continues automatically retracting during a fall event. This means the DSL2 can react and arrest a fall faster and more efficiently than standard fall arrest lanyards.

SpanSet’s DSL2 range will supersize your safe space

As a result of this dynamic duo of innovations, the total distance required to achieve fall clearance when using a SpanSet DSL2 is significantly reduced.

In turn, this creates significantly more safe space between the user’s feet and any ground or lower structures (around 50% more than the minimum requirements set out in Standard EN355).

SpanSet’s DSL2 is ideal for limited fall clearance scenarios

It also makes the SpanSet DSL2 an ideal choice for work scenarios where there is limited fall clearance space between the work platform and structures, machinery or other hazards below. A typical use-case would be when working on scaffolding.

SpanSet’s DSL2 at a glance

Need more reasons to put a SpanSet DSL2 on your shopping list?

Well designed:

  • Full length (2m) dynamic self-retracting lanyard
  • Lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed
  • Automatically retracts (when in-use and during free-fall)

Variations to suit:

  • Both Single and Twin DSL2s available
  • Choice of Triple-Lock Karabiners (Alum v Steel)
  • Choice of Scaffold Hooks (ANSI v Steel)

Flexibility to suit:

  • Can be anchored at any length (up to 2 metres)
  • Can be anchored from above, horizontally or at foot level


  • Rated for up to 140kg (with no deration at foot-level tie off)
  • Twin DSL lifelines can be secured to the same anchor point (without impeding energy absorber)
  • No risk of arrest force (designed as twin unit for 100% attachment whilst traversing)

Quality Controlled:

  • Webbing edge and UV tested (meets AS 1891.3 requirements)
  • CE approved to EN360
  • Complies with AS 1891.3
  • 10-year service life