Leatherman is an American brand of multitools and knives made by Leatherman Tool Group of Portland, Oregon, US. The company was founded in July 1983 by Timothy S. Leatherman and Steve Berliner in order to market his idea of a capable, easily portable hand tool with multiple functions.

Leatherman was inspired to design a "Boy Scout knife with pliers" while he and his wife travelled Europe and the Middle East in 1975, often attempting to use a simple pocketknife to repair their repeatedly malfunctioning car and leaky hotel plumbing. He spent several years perfecting the "Mr Crunch" prototype and received his first U.S. patent (4,238,862) in 1980.

The Leatherman multi-tools come with a 25-year warranty and almost 10% of the manufacturing facility area is concerned with the repairing and rebuilding of any tool repairs.

After additional refinement, Leatherman’s first product was introduced in 1983 as the Pocket Survival Tool (PST). Leatherman sold nearly 30,000 tools in 1984, and by the end of 2001 had sold more than 20 million tools.

Most Leatherman multi-tools are built around a pair of pliers, with up to 21 additional tools stored in the handles, including knives (straight and serrated blades), screwdrivers (flat, Phillips), saws, wire cutters and electrical crimper, bottle opener, and can opener.

The most popular tools in the range are the Leatherman Wave, the Leatherman Surge and the Leatherman Wingman.

All Leatherman multi-tools that comes with a sheath to protect both yourself and the tool when you are on the move. Leatherman's multi-tool is built for work, at home or for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking or camping. Shop Leatherman today at Height Dynamics for the ultimate tool at unbelievable prices.