The PETZL ASAP and ASAP Lock are specified as back-up devices for rope access work. The versatile ASAP is also certified for use as a fall arrest device. This also makes it ideal for activities such as tower-climbing, ladder or roof work as well as rope access.

The design of the ASAP and ASAP lock means they will trail you up and down the rope providing mobile fall arrest. Unlike most back-up devices that have a locking cam and need to be "towed" the PETZL ASAP's have a toothed wheel. This allows the device to freely run up and down the rope following the user. If shock loaded, the wheel then locks on the rope arresting the fall of the user.

While both devices act in the same way the ASAP Lock has a couple of extra features. These features make it the preferred choice for most rope access technicians.

The connection arm of the ASAP Lock allows for constant attachment to your harness. This reduces the chance of dropping the device when removing it from the rope.

When abseiling, wind can pull the rope through the device and increase the fall distance. Parking the device using the locking feature reduces fall distance in this case.

An energy absorber allows the user to work at a distance from the rope. Adding the ASAP'SORBER AXESS allows for use of both devices up to 250 kg. This means that they are ideal in two-person rescue situations.


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