Petzl Rig Product Review

The Petzl Rig descender is Petzl’s compact self-braking descender. Sold for use in rope access the Rig is a compact and lightweight device. This makes it an attractive option for experienced rope access professionals.

What's new for the Petzl Rig in 2019

The latest version of the Petzl Rig differs from the original in a number of ways:

  • The device now goes into a full lock position when the user releases the handle. The user no longer has to move the handle to a lock position when they reach their work location.
  • There is now a stainless steel wear section on the front plate which improves durability.
  • Redesign of the front and back plate limits the risk of the rope becoming trapped in the gap near the attachment point

Why is it recommended for experienced users?

Petzl recommends that the Petzl Rig is used by experienced users - why?

  • The Petzl Rig lacks the panic lock function. It is a "single stop" device and will not lock if the user keeps pressure on the handle.
  • Unlike the Petzl ID, the Rig has no "anti-error" catch. This increases the risk of an accident if the user was to load the rope in the incorrect direction.
  • The recommended max load of the Rig is only 150kg by one person, or 200 kg by two persons in a rescue context. This compares to a max load of 250kg for two persons on the Petzl ID-S

So what does the Petzl Rig do well?

What makes this device attractive to users?

  • Compact and light
  • Good value for money
  • Good control point while descending
  • The new updates mean the device climbs easier

Things to be mindful of

  • With lower max weight limit this might not be the rescue descender to choose. This, of course, depends on your rescue plan and user weights.
  • Doesn’t have the added safety features that others do, so not ideal for inexperienced users.

Specified for use by experienced users on rope with a diameter of 10-11.5mm. The Rig is certified to the following standards

  • Rescue Descender EN 341 type 2 class A,
  • Rope access descender CE EN 12841 type C,
  • Belay device CE EN 15151-1 and
  • Rescue descender to the America NFPA 1983 Technical Use standard.

The Petzl Rig is well-known by rope access professionals. Its performance meets or exceeds similar devices from other manufacturers. Continuing updates means the device will continue to be a popular descender.


Unsure if this device is the right one for you? Have some questions about pricing? Do not hesitate to contact one of our technical specialists.