GRIPPS have recently released their latest product, the GRIPPS Bolt-Vault. This patented design has been developed to address the risk of small dropped objects such as nuts, bolts and washers.

The likelihood of dropping these objects is high and in fact, dropped nuts and bolts appear often in reported incidents.

Solutions existed for containing small objects (the bolt-safe pouch), and for tethering tools. But, nothing was available to contain these small objects when removing them from the container and using them. I.e. threading nuts or placing washers onto a bolt.


Gripps Bolt Vault


Realising that there had been no product designed to tackle this commonly occurring risk, Gripps created the innovative Bolt Vault.

Height Dynamics were fortunate to receive some of the first shipment and supplied them to Multiplex for a highrisk job on the 300 George Street project. The Bolt Vault was used extensively on a number of applications on the 180-metre tower. By using the Bolt Vault the cost of expensive and time-consuming control measures where avoided.

Bob McCulloch, Multiplex Constructions site safety manager sums it up best:- “Finally, there is a simple way to prevent nuts, washers and bolts from becoming falling objects. Any rigger or worker who works at height or has the potential to drop nuts, washers or bolts MUST TRY THIS PRODUCT.”


Height Dynamics stock a full range of GRIPPS products. For further information, or to view videos and product sheets click through to the Stop the Drops page on our website.