New 3M Protecta adjustable rope lanyards: top quality; super price

We’re excited that 3M has just released a new range of three adjustable rope lanyards under its well-known Protecta brand. Even though Protecta is a “non-premium” range, it draws extensively on the technology and user-experience of 3M’s premium products. The result is that height safety operators get tried and tested technology and excellent features for a very economical price.

Three brand-new adjustable rope lanyards

  • AE529ADJ/9R: Single Tail, Triple action with a carabiner at each end  
  • AE529ADJY/10R: Twin Tail, Triple action with a carabiner one end and Scaff hook at the other end
  • AE529ADJ/10R: Single Tail, Triple action with a carabiner at one end and Scaff hook at the other end

3M closes a gap in their Protecta range

The adjustable rope lanyards fill a gap in the Protecta range. Shortening the lanyard for the job application reduces the risk of a fall or limits the fall distance if a worker goes over the edge.

Additionally, Protecta lanyards offer advantages such as

  • Rated to 160kg versus the standard 100kg rating
  • These Protecta lanyards are adjustable in length from 0.8m to 2m
  • The rated gated strength of the connectors is 16kN versus the usual 1kN/1.5kN rated gate strength carabiners.

The 3M Protecta adjustable lanyards are made in Australia and ideal for working using the restraint technique on elevated work platforms, scaffolding, telecommunications, construction, and any work environment with limited fall clearance.

Unsure which lanyard is the right one for you? Have some questions about pricing? Do not hesitate to speak with one of our technical specialists.