Do you work in close proximity to live wires or potential electrical hazards? Then you need a harness designed to insulate you from electric shocks and arc-flash. And with Ferno's new Dielectric Harness, you have one.

Reducing your electrocution risk

If you work in electrical utilities, you already know the electrocution risks - and no doubt, take precautions.

For example, you may work from inside an insulated bucket truck - ie. where the boom and bucket are constructed of dielectric materials (such as fibreglass). 

You may also don an electrically-insulated helmet, use an arc-flash protective face shield and wear electrically-insulated gloves that offer just the right mix of voltage protection and ozone resistance.

But - have you taken a closer look at your harness?

Can your harness take the heat?

In many cases, your harness will include metal hardware elements that are capable of conducting electricity - such as steel buckles or connectors. 

Should you accidentally come into contact with a live wire or electrical hazard, such elements expose you to the risk of electric shock. Even being too close can expose you to arc-flashes (sudden bursts of electric current) - which can lead to skin tissue burns, internal organ damage, or even death.

Which is why a dielectric harness should be your first choice in high-risk electrical hazard zones.

Ferno's new dielectric harness

Ferno's new full body dielectric harness incorporates special dielectric connection points and buckles that are completely insulated electrically:

  • Insulated soft dorsal fall arrest attachment point (with dorsal extension)
  • Insulated chest and leg strap quick connect buckles
  • Insulated (and adjustable) shoulder strap buckles

It also comes with confined space attachment points - which means this high-tech harness can insulate you from electrical injuries in the tightest of spaces. 

Even better, this risk-reducing harness is designed and manufactured right here in Australia! So what are you waiting for? Get a harness that'll take the heat for you - from Height Dynamics, your height safety specialists.