When Skylotec launched their Ignite harness range in 2015, they established new benchmarks in both ergonomics and design. Those high standards are raised even further with the new Skylotec Ignite Neon Rope Access Harness

Five reasons why the Skylotec Ignite Neon should be your next-gen harness

This near-on perfect rope access harness takes comfort, safety, ease-of-use and application to a new level. Here are five of our favourite reasons to go Neon:



The Neon’s full body harness is full of comfort features

The integrated chest ascender, adjustable waist harness and perfect-fit padding for the shoulders, hips and legs make it ideal for extended suspension rope access work, rescue scenarios and industrial settings.

Skylotec Ignite Neon Rope Access Harness - comfort features
Neon Harness - Colour Coding


The Neon's next-gen colour concept is another harness highligh

Built-in attachment points are in bright orange, while work and seat positioning points are in grey. Such visual clarity makes knowing what goes where and using the Neon easy peasy.



Then there's the Neon’s second-to-none safety features

Made from high-strength steel, the Neon's automatic Oktalock click buckles have a unique, completely flat design that distributes load evenly across the connection.

Neon Harness - Oktalock click buckles
Neon Harness - leg risers


Not to mention Neon's superior fit leg risers that stay put, even in motion

Fully-adjustable front and rear leg riser straps will ensure a made-for-you fit every time and come with adjusters that lock to prevent straps loosening during motion.



Rated to 140kg, the Neon can be used in many height safety settings

As a fall arrest harness, as a work positioning harness (to prevent or limit falls) and for holding in a seated work position whilst working on ropes.

Neon Harness - multiple settings

What makes the Skylotec Ignite Neon harness stand out from its predecessor?

The Skylotec Ignite Neon Rope Access Harness replaces the Skylotec Rescue-Pro 2.0. Both are high-quality products that perform a similar function. However, the Neon’s many enhancements are meaningful and deliver a height safety advantage to the user.

For example:

  • The orange colour-coding of the Neon’s main attachment points isn’t just a design feature. It helps prevent incorrect harness use - one of the underlying causes of fall from height workplace accidents, particularly amongst sporadic harness users.
  • The Neon’s padding offers more than comfort. Designed to hug our human anatomy and lighten the load, it distributes weight across the hips rather than onto the shoulders. Even after long stays in the saddle, this ensures that aching muscles, neck and shoulder tension are a thing of the past.
  • The uniquely-moulded Oktalock quick connect buckles don’t just ensure an equal load across the connection. Constructed of stainless steel, they also provide the strongest possible defence against failure under stress - eg wild, windy, extreme weather.

    Let Skylotec’s Ignite Neon harness take you further than ever before

    Whilst the Skylotec Rescue Pro 2.0 was widely used (rope access, rigging, rescue, wind energy and offshore industry), the Neon will take you further than ever before.

    Approved under multiple codes, the Skylotec Ignite Neon Rope Access Harness can be used for extended periods in a variety of industries, settings and scenarios:

    • Rigging and Rope Access Work
    • Rescue and Emergency Services
    • Confined Space and Difficult Access
    • Facade Work and Window Cleaning
    • Lift Shafts and Construction

    Are you ready to go Neon?

    Check out the new Skylotec Ignite Neon Rope Access Harness today.