The LINQ Ladder Gutter BRAQ-IT is a versatile bracket that can be adjusted to fit most portable rung ladders. Once attached to your ladder, the bracket hooks over the gutter profile on your roof - thereby securing your ladder to the structure.

    An indispensible safety accessory for portable rung ladders

    Whilst fixed ladder access to your roof is always preferable, it's not always possible. So if a portable rung ladder is your only option, be sure it lock it down with the LINQ Ladder Gutter BRAQ-IT. The extra stability and security it provides can help reduce your fall risk. Please Note: The installation of a ladder bracket does not negate the need for fall arrest PPE.

    Suitable for all kinds of ladder work

    The LINQ Ladder Gutter BRAQ-IT is useful in a wide variety of ladder-related applications including:

    + Gutter cleaning

    + House painting

    + Roof work

    + Solar installations

    How to fit your LINQ Ladder Gutter BRAQ-IT

    The LINQ Ladder Gutter BRAQ-IT has design features which enable a snug fit for most rung ladders:

    + Multi-positional slide brackets that can expand up to 475mm wide, enough to accommodate most rung ladders>

    + An adjustable wing and clamp offers more versatility and flexibility when attaching the bracket to your ladder rung

    + An integrated rubber lining that protects your gutter profile from wear-and-tear whilst the bracket is attached

    Every LINQ Ladder Gutter BRAQ-IT is easily traceable

    The LINQ Ladder Gutter BRAQ-IT is designed and engineered to Australian standards. For ease of traceability, it comes with an ID plate which details the batch and date of manufacture.

    Ready to LINQ-up and lock down your rung ladder?

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