Looking for ultra smooth movement up-and-down the ropes - plus maximum safety on-the-job? Then check out this new and unique back-up device combo from Edelrid. It's just landed and available to buy online and in-store now.


This is one dynamic duo you can't refuse

FUSE Fall Arrester

This smooth operator raises the bar for mobile fall arresters, meets more safety standards and is approved for both vertical and horizontal application


Made for heavy loads (and for exclusive use with the FUSE), this compact energy absorber reduces maximum arrest shock to 30% below the standard

FUSE Fall Arrester


So many reasons to choose a FUSE

Integrated centrifugal brake for super-smooth movement — even with a payload up to 140kg

It's safer and more reliable due to separation of the locking mechanism and speed-dependent activator

It has super-fast activation of clamping cam (at a speed of 2 metres per second)

Locking function keeps rope taut for belaying in the working position and prevents sagging ropes

Absence of a toothed cam means less rope damage - plus blocking mechanism can release without fully relieving the load

Easily attaches and detaches from a 10-12mm rope without separation from your carabiner

An integrated RFID chip makes for simpler operational documentation


Setting the Standard for safety

Whilst comparable to Petzl's ASAP Lock, Edelrid's FUSE is one of the only securing devices on the market (for a payload up to 140kg) that meets all applicable European and North American standards

International Standards met by FUSE


    Getting to know your FUSE 

    For more FUSE features, check out our FUSE product page for technical information, FUSE video and user instructions

    FUSE diagram

    A Connecting bracket B Locking switch C RFID chip D Opening button E Marking

    F Mark indicating that the device is not closed completely G Trigger wheel

    H Rope clamp I Fastening screw J Fastening sleeve


    Get enthused about the FUSE 

    The new FUSE fall arrester and rescue DEFUSER make it easy to focus on your rope access work whilst moving freely and feeling safe at all times.

    The high load capacity of this back-up device combo also supports work with heavy equipment and offers a higher reserve in the event of a rescue situation.

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