3M Debuts Next-gen Nano-Lok Personal SRL

The Nano-Lok™ personal SRL has long been a workhorse of the industry. Trusted for its reliability and durability.

The just-released Nano-Lok 2G is even lighter than the existing model. It features improvements in both the specifications and in-field performance.

It’s sleeker with a more compact design. It’s tougher with a longer lasting cover. And it’s easier and faster to connect.

3M DBI SALA Nano Lok SRL-3101332 Nano-Lok-Twin-Connector-3100483-In-Use 3M DBI SALA Nano Lok SRL -3101346
3M DBI-SALA Nano Lok - 3101330 3M Twin Pin Connector - 3100483 3M DBI-SALA Nano Lok Twin - 3101346

Key improvements of the new Nano-Lok personal SRL

  • The energy absorber system is 30% smaller but lasts 4x longer
  • A smart-activating brake system reduces unintentional lock-ups by 89%
  • The addition of a built-in RFID tag for easier inspection
  • The device comes with a new twin-leg pin connector. This allows for the removal of the SRL legs without removing the connector from the harness.

The rating of the new Nano-Lok is for users of 140kg with a foot-level tie off. The device is the ideal SRL for scaffolders, construction workers, and other trades.

Unsure if this device is the right one for you? Have some questions about pricing? Do not hesitate to contact one of our technical specialists.