One of the world's strongest lifting bags just got better!

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The new and improved Gripps Mule Bag is packed with features and upgrades that make is super strong, secure and portable. Even better, the latest Gripps Mule Bag meets the design, testing, and performance requirements for dropped object prevention solutions (Standard ANSI/ISEA 121-2018) - which makes it perfect for work-at-height! On top of that, here are 15 more reasons to get yourself a new Gripps Mule Bag today.

    Gripps Mule Bag is built and reinforced for heavy duty

    Built and reinforced for heavy duty

    The latest Gripps Mule Bag isn't just built tough. It's not only designed to survive the wear-and-tear and still perform in harsh environments. It's also been reinforced for all the heavy duties you can throw at it.

    1. Made with heavy-duty 1000D tarpaulin

    2. Composite base insert prevents punctures

    3. Armoured insert for extra backpack protection

    4. Reinforced backpack and mounting straps

    5. Load-rated lifting straps (maximum 80kg)

    Maximum security inside and out

    More secure than ever before, the latest Gripps Mule Bag has higher load-rated anchor points for heavier tools, an easier to access but more secure top opening, plus improved internal and external storage.

    6. Lockable top with t-handle zipper pulls for quick access

    7. Semi-transparent top makes it easier to see inside bag

    8. Deep internal pockets and multiple tool tethers

    9. Heavy tool sleeves and 3kg load-rated anchor points

    10. Dry document pocket for weatherproof storage

    Gripps Mule Bag maximum security inside and out
    Gripps Mule Bag multiple mounting and transport options

    Multiple mounting and transport options

    With multiple ways to lift, carry or mount your Gripps Mule Bag, it's the perfect tool storage partner for work-at-height on any site. Also compatible with standard ladder cages and mobile EWPs.

    11. Vertical lift via top load-rated lifting straps

    12. Velcro straps for mounting onto handrail

    13. Strong backpack straps for manual transport

    14. Width compatible with standard ladder cage>

    15. Mounting straps suitable for use in EWPs

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