Do you regularly work at height? Do you need to work through wild weather or under harsh environmental conditions? Are you a professional rope access worker? Do you get involved in rescue or winch operations? 

Then you'll need a super-strong static rope you can really rely on - and we have it. In-store now and ready-to-buy online is Ultrastatic - a new, world-class static rope from Skylotec. 

Ultrastatic meets the highest safety standards

Ultrastatic is an exceptional static rope consisting of a polyester sheath cover and a polyamide nylon core. It's available in cut lengths up to 850 metres and comes in a variety of colours such as red, white and black.

Being certified to Standard EN 1891A means Ultrastatic meets the safety standards for low stretch kernmantle ropes designed for use by people in rope access, rescue and speleology (caving).

Safety requirements tested for under this Standard include Knotability, Static Elongation, Sheath Slippage, Static Strength, Fall Arrest Peak Force and Dynamic Performance.

Ultrastatic is a market-leading static rope

Ultrastatic is one of the best static ropes the market has to offer - and here's why:

#1  Ultrastatic is Ultra Strong

With a test-breaking strength of 40kN, Ultrastatic is one of the world's strongest static ropes

#2  Ultrastatic has Minimal Stretch

With elongation (at 150kg) of only 2%, Ultrastatic rope has exceptionally low stretch

#3  Ultrastatic is Easy to Handle

Ultrastatic is soft to the touch, easy to handle and manipulate - great for tying knots

#4  Ultrastatic is Hard Wearing

Ultrastatic has a robust pick, excellent UV stability and good resistance to acids 

Ultrastatic is available now in your cut and colour

When you shop with Height Dynamics, you can purchase red, white or black Ultrastatic static rope in convenient 200, 100 and 50 metre rolls. We can also cut by the metre to order.

Skylotec Ultrastatic 11mm Static Rope (RED)
Skylotec Ultrastatic 11mm Static Rope (WHITE)
Skylotec Ultrastatic 11mm Static Rope (BLACK)

Skylotec Ultrastatic 11mm Static Rope (RED)

Skylotec Ultrastatic 11mm Static Rope (WHITE) Skylotec Ultrastatic 11mm Static Rope (BLACK)


BONUS! Ultrastatic works with Skylotec's ACX Power Ascender

Ultrastatic is an ideal match for another of our favourite Skylotec innovations - the ACX Power Ascender.

Much-loved by the pro's, this portable powered ascender does all the heavy lifting for you - perfect for regular high risers. Read more about the Skylotec ACX Power Ascender here