Every year, dropped tools account for a serious number of on-site injuries and fatalities. That’s why it’s so important to stop the drops — and we can help.

The Frightening Physics of Falling Objects

The physics of falling can turn a lightweight item into a heavyweight impact in seconds. But what does that look like in real life?

Let’s take two commonly-used everyday tools. Can you estimate the full force of this spanner and wrench after they have fallen?

A small 220g spanner — when dropped 23 metres (~8 storeys) — turns into a 50 kg impact. With a mere 6 metre fall distance, a 2kg wrench can be transformed into a 117 kg force.

The Serious Consequences of Falling Objects

Serious Injuries

Falling objects consistently account for over 3,500 serious injury claims every year.

The vast majority of those injuries have the potential to limit your ability to work or even to walk.


According to Safe Work Australia data for 2019, falling objects accounted for 11% of all workplace fatalities. That’s the same fatality rate as falls from height.

Want to share this life-saving data with someone at work? Download our infographic.

Serious Safety Solutions for Falling Objects

When working at height, easy and efficient tethering is the key to preventing dropped tools. And for that, we have many ready-made solutions in the form of tool tethering kits.

From an essentials kit — a lanyard with several rated tool catchs to hold different tools. To a full 60-tool tether kit with bull bag and bolt-safe pouch. And everything in-between.

We’ve also got a number of industry-specific kits — for scaffolders, telco, electrical, riggers, mechanical fitters and facade workers.

So shop online or in-store today for a life-saving Stop the Drops solution at a seriously good price.

You can select individual components from our Drop Tool Solutions page. Or choose from our ready-made, ready-to-go Tool Tethering Kits.