The 3M DBI-SALA Rollgliss R550 is an emergency rescue and evacuation device. This simple to use Rollgliss Rescue Kit comes in two models. It provides a fast and reliable rescue solution from a wide variety of elevated work areas.

The Rollgliss R550 - Rescue Kit comes with a rescue hub and drill adapter. This gives the user the option of raising the fallen worker. Then releasing the fall protection system and lowering victim to the ground.

The Rollgliss R550 - Escape Kit does not have the rescue hub and is designed for lowering only. This device is often used for evacuation from wind towers, cranes or other structures.

This 3M DBI-SALA Rollgliss R550 is lightweight and compact and comes in a variety of lengths. Extra length is available on request. A double action hook is attached to each end of the rope. As one end of the lifeline descends, the other ascends ready for another rescue.

The unique dual braking system enables a safe and effective descent at 0.6-0.9m per second over 500 m for users up to 141 kg. The device can be used for two persons up to 282 kg but only over a descent distance of 175 m.

If you are unsure if this device is suitable for your rescue needs please contact Height Dynamics technical sales team for more information. A set of instructions or product sheet can be downloaded from the linked product pages.