New, exclusive and on its way now from the US. The Tuf-Tug Load-Rated Carabiner is easy to use and perfect for hand hauling.

Not a PPE carabiner. 

Not all carabiners are created equal - but almost all have one thing in common. They’re PPE and used for fall arrest (ie built to withstand the sudden impact of a person falling). 

What carabiners are NOT built for is the more frequent and prolonged strain of lifting goods, materials or equipment around your site. They should never be used for this.  

However, there are one or two exceptions to the rule. 

Load-rated for lifting. Ideal for hand hauling

What makes this Tuf-Tug Load-Rated Carabiner one-of-a-kind is that it’s not a PPE carabiner.

Instead it's been designed and tested for use in lifting and rigging applications.

So if you want to hand haul loads of goods, materials and equipment around your site - this carabiner is ideal. 

Safe working load limit of up to 680kg.

Compact and made of steel, this carabiner is strong and durable. In fact, it has a safe working load limit of up to 1500 pounds - or 680 kg. That's plenty of capacity for most requirements.

A safe alternative to using a shackle.

Shackles are the typical go-to piece of equipment for hand hauling. (Much better than mistakenly using a PPE carabiner!)

The only problem with a shackle is that it’s a two-piece. You have to undo the pin and take it out - so you have the pin in one hand and your shackle in the other. Now you have to thread it around your sling, adjust the pulley to line up with the pin and then put it all back together. 

Easier to use than a shackle.

Let’s say you want to hand haul a satellite dish or aerial up a telco tower. You have your rope, sling, a pulley - and typically a shackle. Pretty soon, you'll also have your hands more than full!

By contrast, the Tuf-Tug Load-Rated Carabiner can be used single-handedly. You have your pulley in one hand and carabiner in the other. Just connect and lock the two together - and you’re ready to go.

Has a number of super safety features. 

For peace of mind, it’s good to note some of key features of this load-rated carabiner.

For example, it has a closed loop design to protect against dropped lifts (from accidental tip loading). It also has a double safe auto-locking / auto-latching gate. 

Meets Australian and global height safety standards. 

As with all of the products we sell, the Tuf-Tug Load-Rated Carabiner meets Australian safety requirements.

It does so by complying with all relevant global industry safety standards for rigging hardware - including:

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME B30)
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • European Union’s CE mark of conformity 

For sale exclusively at Height Dynamics.

We are currently the only height safety specialists in Australia to source this unique load-rated carabiner. You can pre-order the Tuf-Tug Load-Rated Carabiner now online or in-store.


Want to know more?

Want to find out more about the Tuf-Tug Load-Rated Carabiner? Want to be sure of where, when and how to use it safely? Don’t hesitate to call before buying - our height safety specialists are here to help you get the right equipment for the job.  

For broader advice on hand hauling equipment, check out our blog on Hand Hauling Guidelines.