Designed to survive the hard knocks of hardcore industrial sites and perform in even the most extreme environments - there’s a lot to love about SafetyLink’s new and uniquely-designed Tuff-Bloc Self Retracting Lifeline


Five reasons to add SafetyLink's new Tuff-Bloc Self Retracting Lifeline to your shock protection PPE

Built for Extremes

Designed with a uniquely tough and durable moulded housing to protect its internal mechanisms, the Tuff-Bloc Self Retracting Lifeline is built to perform in extreme environments

SafetyLink Tuff-Bloc Self-Retracting Lanyard - Built for Big Shocks

Built for Big Shocks

The energy absorbing Tuff-Bloc Self Retracting Lifeline features a built-in fall indicator to inform future users and support safe use. It's also been tested and load-rated for users up to 140kg

SafetyLink Tuff-Bloc Self-Retracting Lanyard - Built for Ease-of-Use

Built for Ease-of-Use

The Tuff-Bloc Self Retracting Lifeline is lightweight, compact and comes with a carry clip - making it easy to store, stack and carry. Its Ezy-Grip side handle also makes installation a breeze

SafetyLink Tuff-Bloc Self-Retracting Lanyard - Built for Vertical Work

Built for Vertical Work

The Tuff-Bloc Self Retracting Lifeline is suitable for use in vertical or near vertical applications across a variety of settings. It also comes in 6, 10, 15 and 20 metre lengths for optimal flexibility

SafetyLink Tuff-Bloc Self Retracting Lifeline - Built to Last

Built to Last

As long as it's passing daily pre-use and six-monthly inspections, the Tuff-Bloc Self Retracting Lifeline only needs a factory service every five years (unlike alternatives that typically require annual servicing)




When the going gets tough - get a Tuff-Bloc Self Retracting Lifeline 

The Tuff-Block Self Retracting Lifeline offers tough, durable, safe and suitable fall protection for workers across a variety of settings and industries. Do you work in extreme environments? Do you need a lifeline that can handle big loads and rough treatment? Talk to the team at Height Dynamics today to see if a Tuff-Bloc Self Retracting Lifeline is the right choice for you.