Petzl's new dropped tool prevention system is a well-constructed and unique end-to-end solution that'll help keep tools tethered from your harness to your hand!

Stopping the drops has never been easier

Designed for use as a complete end-to-end solution, Petzl's new dropped tool prevention system is a welcome addition to the shelves. Let's take a closer look at the key components of this new system.

 Petzl's Interfast Harness Connection Accessory

Core to the system is Petzl's Interfast Harness Connection Accessory.

Petzl Interfast Harness Connection Accessory
  • The Interfast provides a secure mounting point for your tool bag or tool tether.
  • It can be installed onto any harness with a Caritool or similar slot on the waistbelt (such as Petzl's Rescue & Rope Access Harnesses).
  • The upper clip allows you to quickly attach a Petzl Toolbag and secures the bag in a higher and easier to use position than a carabiner.
  • The lower connection point is for your Petzl Tooleash drop prevention tool tether.


Petzl's Tooleash Drop Prevention Tether

A critical link in the system is Petzl's Tooleash Drop Prevention Tether.

Petzl Tooleash Drop Prevention Tool Tether
  • This lightweight, high-strength elastic tool leash stretches to 120cm fully extended.
  • It uses a twist lock (double action) compact carabiner at one end - and a loop at the other.
  • You can choose which end of this load-rated leash you want to use to connect to an anchor vs tethering a tool


Petzl's Toolink Tool Attachment Links

Attach your tools to the system with Petzl's Toolink Tool Tethers.

Petzl Toolink Tool Attachment Links
  • Hook up a wide variety of hand tools with a Toolink tool tether.
  • The Petzl Toolink (Small) is rated for tools up to 2.3kg. It's sold in packs of five and comes with a roll of tooltape (for tools with no connection hole).
  • The Petzl Toolink (Medium) is rated for tools up to 3kg. It's secured using thin cord that's girth hitched through a hole in the tool
  • The Petzl Toolink (Large) is rated for tools up to 5kg. Ideal for cordless power tools or larger items


Petzl's Toolbag Tool Pouches

Multiple tools? Connect a Petzl Toolbag tool pouch to the system.

Petzl Toolbag Tool Pouches
  • Each Toolbag connects directly to the Petzl Interfast Harness Connection Accessory - thereby reducing weight and drag on your harness.
  • Each Toolbag is hardwearing enough for daily use.
  • A range of sizes provide up to 6L of tool storage
  • The Toolbag's unique opening and closure system makes it easy to use with one hand


Check out this video for more on how Petzl's new Dropped Tool Prevention System works

Petzl video

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