MSA Altair 4XR - Industries Most Advanced Multigas Detector

Mine Safety Appliances, better known as MSA, has been manufacturing safety products for over 100 years. Started in 1914, MSA released the Edison Flameless Electric Miners' Cap Lamp in 1915 reducing mine explosions by 75% in the following 25 years.

In 1919 they introduced there first CO Detector. Innovation after innovation followed and in 2010 the technologically advanced XCell Sensor was released. MSA uses the XCell Sensor in its range of Altair portable gas detectors. These sensors have a typical life of more than four years. They offer double the response time of the industry average.

Faster sensors mean less time spent on calibration and bump tests, you save on calibration gas, maintenance costs and in turn, save money.

The Altair 4XR four gas detector was released early 2017. It is widely regarded as the standard in portable gas detection. A rugged and durable instrument with a range of features that make it ideal for everyday use.

Features and Benefits

  • Confirm compliance quickly with the Bump LED & on-screen checkmark
  • The Bluetooth connection provides real-time incident awareness to team members, supervisors, or safety managers
  • IP68 rating for water and dust ingress for protection in harsh environments (2 meters for at least 1 hour)
  • Anti-static rubberised housing survives 25 drops from 1.2 meters (3rd Party Certified). Can also withstand a 7.5m drop onto concrete.
  • Comes standard with sensors for LEL, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide. Can be configured with a range of other sensors for your unique environment.
  • Runs for 24 hours on a single charge

Cost of Ownership

MSA Altair 4XR and 5X boast the fastest response time to gas detection on the global portable market. The performance of the XCell Sensors reduces the cost of ownership of the Altair.

  • Uses 50% less calibration gas per minute than other detectors.
  • Faster sensor response time means that the daily bump test requires less gas. This also saves time as it is quicker to perform.
  • 4-year manufacturer warranty on instrument and sensors. Subsequent sensor failure is also covered
  • Up to 5-year warranty available on sensors

When calculating the cost of ownership on a fleet of 5 units factoring in one replacement sensor, the savings over 5 years is $7000. When replacing extra sensors this increases dramatically.


Download our Cost of Ownership Calculator to compare your gas detector against the MSA Altair. Unsure if this device is the right one for you? Do not hesitate to contact one of our technical specialists.