New online and in-store - the Heightec Tornado Lifting Device. Perfect for lightweight loads.

Want a versatile little lifting device to hand raise, position and lower lightweight goods, materials or equipment around your site? Then look no further.

Load-rated to 50kg. Ideal for hand hauling.

With a safe working load limit of up to 50kg, the Heightec Tornado Lifting Device is handmade for hand hauling. 

Acts as a friction-free pulley when lifting. 

The one-way bearing in the main cam allows the Heightec Tornado Lifting Device to function as a pulley when lifting - giving you maximum rotational freedom and minimum friction.

Has the brakes to provide safe, controlled lowering. 

When lowering, the device introduces friction, helping the user to always maintain control of the load.

Comes with a built-in locking mechanism. 

The Heightec Tornado Lifting Device comes with a locking cam. This automatically locks when the load is released (to prevent any dropped loads).

Works with kernmantle rope.

The Heightec Tornado Lifting Device works with a kernmantle rope (see manufacturers instructions for specifics).

Rope can be installed while the device is connected to an anchor point to reduce the risk of dropping

Quick and easy to use.

The Heightec Tornado Lifting Device is also quick and easy to use. Just pull the tail end of rope to lift, and raise the body of the device to lower. 

Meets Australian and global height safety standards. 

As with all of the products we sell, the Heightec Tornado Lifting Device meets Australian safety requirements.

In this case, it does so by complying with relevant global industry safety standards for rigging hardware. Specifically it is Certified to CE EN 13157 for Hand Powered Lifting Equipment.

    For sale exclusively at Height Dynamics.

    We are currently the only height safety specialists in Australia to source this made-for-hand-hauling lifting device. You can pre-order the Heightec Tornado Lifting Device now online or in-store.


    Want to know more?

    Want to find out more about the Heightec Tornado Lifting Device? Want to be sure of where, when and how to use it safely? Don’t hesitate to call before buying - our height safety specialists are here to help you get the right equipment for the job.  

    For broader advice on hand hauling equipment, check out our blog on Hand Hauling Guidelines.