3M DBI-SALA Trigger X Tie-Back Adjustable Rope Positioning Lanyard

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Work Positioning Lanyard with Large Steel Hook


Get the versatility you need with the 3M DBI SALA Trigger X Adjustable Rope Positioning Lanyard with Large Steel Hook. This ANSI rated positioning lanyard has three work modes and is availabe in multiple configurations. The 3M DBI-SALA Trigger X Lanyard with Large Steel Hook can be used in single-mode for direct connection and is also specified for use in pick-off rescues giving a 2:1 or 3:1 mechanical advantage. The Steel Hook model is capable of tie back reducing the need for additional devices. Smooth and precise adjustments on the abrasion-resistant rope put you in a position to succeed.



  • Adjustable rope positioning lanyard comes in 3 lengths
  • Single Mode certified allows users to connect the large rebar hook directly to an anchor and the rope grab to the user
  • Tie-back capable to reduce extra equipment needed
  • ANSI & ASTM rated for Single Mode use
  • Steel locking gate/nose rebar hook at end (64 mm opening)
  • Lightweight and durable rope adjuster with aluminium carabiner
  • Quick-release trigger provides smooth and precise adjustments
  • Replaceable rope requires no hardware and is easy to remove by simply depressing a pin
  • Can be configured for rescue mechanical advantage


 Please refer to the 3M DBI-SALA Trigger X Lanyard product sheet for more information.