Skylotec Sombrerox Helmet Brim

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The SKYLOTEC Sombrerox Helmet Brim features an elastic band that grips to most helmets. It protects helmet wearers against the hazards of direct sunlight and sun glare from their face, ears and the back of their neck. The heavy-duty construction of the SKYLOTEC Sombrerox Helmet Brim makes it suitable for industrial applications and is typically worn by rope access operators and any other workers that need sun protection when working at height. Maximise protection and comfort on the job with our range of hard hat accessories.



  • Designed to fit a range of helmets
  • The material is washable and flexible.
  • External dimensions: 435 x 370 mm
  • Internal dimensions: 220 x 270 mm with elastic
  • Elastic stretch band to ensure a good fit
  • Wide brim to reduce glare
  • Weight 100 g