Singing Rock Expert 3D Speed Rope Access Harness

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Lightweight Rope Access Harness


The Singing Rock Expert 3D Speed rope access harness is a comfortable well padded harness with a wide and supportive waist belt. It uses quick connect “Speed” Buckles on the legs and waist for easy removal and fitting. It has 4 gear loops on the waist rated at 5Kg each as well as slots for additional tool carrier clips. Heavier items can be added to the webbing on the waist belt. The Singing Rock Expert 3D Speed Rope Access Harness is designed to provide support and reduce pressure points during prolonged suspension and suitable for work positioning, fall arrest and work restraint situations. The rope access harness is compatible with any chest ascender but works best with Cam Clean. The chest ascender fixation point connects by an Ozone triple-lock carabiner and is protected by a plastic cover to increase the durability of the webbing



  • It has 4 gear loops on the waist rated at 5 kg each
  • D-rings on the side can be stowed away by simply pushing them back
  • Independently adjustable leg loops and shoulder straps
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Weight 2415 g
  • Max. rated load 150 kg
  • Certification EN 358, EN 361, EN 813 and EN 1497
References W0079DR02 W0079DR03 W0079DR05
Size Small
Medium-Large X-Large
Waist belt 65-80 cm 75-100 cm 85-130 cm
Leg loops 45-60 cm 50-75 cm 50-75 cm
Stature 150-170 cm 160-180 cm 175-205 cm
Weight 2365 g 2415 g 2465 g



Please refer to the Singing Rock 3D Expert Rope Access Harness instructions for more information.