BTS Shipping Container Anchor Post

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Portable Container Anchor Post


The BTS Shipping Container Anchor Post is designed to provide fall protection for working on top of shipping containers. It utilizes the corner castings on the container and its unique design allows the product to be set-up in different configurations to suit the work being done on the shipping container. The BTS Shipping Container Anchor Post can either be used on its own as a single person free fall arrest anchor or in conjunction with a Container Post Horizontal Lifeline System for up to two persons. The anchor post is a technical piece of equipment and there are restrictions and limitations that must be carefully considered in the selection, installation and operation of this equipment.


  • Rated for up to two persons
  • For use as a fall arrest anchor
  • Simple to install
  • Ideal for work using the restraint technique
  • Tested to AS/NZS5532:2013


Please refer to the BTS Shipping Container Anchor Post instruction sheet for more information.