ROCK EXOTICA Bolt Rigging Plate

ROCK EXOTICA Bolt Rigging Plate
Online Price $189.95 Normal Price $239.95

Unique Rigging Plate


The ROCK EXOTICA Bolt Rigging Plate is designed to allow direct connection of pulleys or other rigging equipment. The Bolt incorporates a stainless steel rod (bolt) which detaches quickly to allow installation of up to five items on the rigging plate with no need for carabiners to connect them. The stainless steel bolt is retained by two locks which are easy to operate. Connecting equipment directly to the plate in this manner makes for a more efficient and less cluttered rigging operation.


  • Alloy construction
  • Milled edges that is rope and hardware friendly
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Minimum breaking strength (MBS) 36kN


 Please refer to the ROCK EXOTICA Bolt Rigging Plate information sheet for more information.

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