PETZL Spin Single Pulley

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Swivel Head Pulley - Single


The PETZL Spin Single Pulley combines a pulley with a swivel into one piece of equipment. It replaces a conventional pulley, carabiner and swivel combination making it ideal in space-sensitive rigging environments. The swivel allows the pulley to easily align itself with the direction of pull, orientating the pulley under load and the side-plate of the PETZL Spin Single Pulley opens while the pulley is still attached to the anchor. This allows for rigging without detaching the pulley from the system. The large diameter sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings gives it excellent efficiency.


  • Allows rope change without detachment from system
  • The integrated swivel top allows the pulley to orient as needed in response to the load.
  • Shortens the length of rigging by combining the pulley and swivel in one device.
  • Alloy construction
  • Rope size 7 - 13mm
  • Minimum breaking strength (MBS) 36kN



Please refer to the PETZL Spin Pulley instructions for product use.