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Self-Braking Descender with Friction Brake


The PETZL I’D EVAC is a self-braking descender with the addition of a built in friction brake. The device is primarily designed for lowering from an anchor and comes with all the features of the ID. The auxiliary brake means that the device can sustain a two person load of 250kg. The Petzl Evac ID has an auto lock system that locks the rope without having to tie off the device or manually move the handle. Ideal for use by rope access technicians and rescue professionals.



  • Moving side plate allows the rope to be installed while the device remains connected.
  • Easy rope installation, thanks to the rope guide and markings.
  • Anti-error catch to reduce the risk of an accident due to incorrect installation of the device on the rope.
  • Anti-panic function automatically stops the descent if the user pulls too hard on the handle.
  • Device automatically locks when the handle is released
  • The moving side-plate can be locked shut with a screw, allowing the I’D EVAC to be integrated into rescue kits.
  • The open brake allows the user to install or release a rope at any time.
  • Stainless steel wear plate to improve durability
  • Maximum load - one person 150kg, two-person 250kg
  • Rope size 10.5-11mm



Petzl ID EVAC instructions sheet for more information.