Petzl Eashook Open Carabiner

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The Petzl Eashook Open is an alloy double action snap hook with a generous 25mm gate opening. The unique feature of the Eashook Open is the removable spacer that enables you to install this captive eye snap hook on already sewn lanyard’s, such as a Petzl Grillon, Progress Adjust or Jane lanyard. The captive eye ensures the hook is oriented correctly at all time so to prevent side loading. The Petzl Eashook Open has a keylock nose to prevent snagging and a double action auto locking action that can be much easier to use than a conventional carabiner.



  • Double action alloy snap hook
  • 25Kn major axis rated strength
  • 10Kn open gate strength
  • 25mm gate opening
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Certified to CE EN 362, EAC


Please refer to the Petzl Eashook Open Carabiner User Instructions for product use.