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MSA V-Edge SRL - Galvanised Cable


The MSA V-Edge Self-Retracting Lanyard (SRL) with Leading Edge capability is designed for use in applications where falls may occur, including falls over edges, such as roofing and leading-edge construction. The V-EDGE SRL is a compact, lightweight retractable lanyard that is certified to EN360 and meets the VG11.060 test for horizontal use and for falls over a steel edge. The anchorage line is tested over a sharp edge radius of 0.5mm and is manufactured for use in applications requiring foot-level tie-off or working near edges. The device comes fitted with a retraction dampening feature that controls the cable retraction speed which restricts cable retraction velocity if released when extended. The Latchways V-Edge SRL's come in a range of lengths and lifeline materials range offering a dependable means of fall protection. It is especially useful for leading-edge or other situations where fall protection comes in contact with a sharp edge.



  • Completely field serviceable significantly lower's cost of ownership
  • Device comes fitted with a retraction dampening feature
  • Approved for foot level tie
  • Sharp edge rated
  • Impact resistant housing
  • 100% Full Contact locking mechanism
  • Stainless steel chassis and components
  • Rated for users and equipment up to 140kg
  • Certified to EN360, ANSI Z359.14 – 2012, OSHA 1910.66 - 1926.502



Please refer to the MSA V-Edge SRL product sheet for more information.

Please refer to the MSA V-Edge SRL user instructions for more information.