Miller SafEscape ELITE Rescue - Descent Device

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Lightweight and Compact Controlled Descent Device


The Miller SafEscape ELITE Rescue/Descent Device is an automatic controlled descent device that will lower a casualty at a controlled rate. The rescue hub and drill adapter of the Miller SafEscape ELITE Rescue/Descent Device offers the choice of controlled descent rescue, evacuation or the versatility of assisted rescue with lifting capabilities. The device can operate in both directions, one end of the lifeline descends as the other ascends, readying the system for another rescue. Its compact size allows the unit to be attached to the rescue box of a work platform basket, crane housing or other suitable anchorage. The descender can be used from heights of up to 500m and is ideal for rescue from elevated work platforms, wind towers, cranes, building or other heights.



  • Built-in rescue lifting wheel
  • For heights up to 500m for one user 100kg, 250m for up to 150kg or 200m for two users at 250kg
  • Fully automatic controlled descent
  • Bidirectional design enables multiple rescues
  • Extremely compact and lightweight design
  • Complete with anchorage karabiner
  • Retrofit systems for bucket trucks, EWP's or crane housings also available
  • Available standard in lengths 20m, 40m and 80m. Custom lengths up to 500m availble on reques
  • Certified to ANSI Z359.4-2007, EN341 and EN 1496.


Please refer to the Miller SafEscape ELITE Rescue/Descent Device product sheet for more information.

Please refer to the Miller SafEscape ELITE Rescue/Descent Device instructions for product use.