METOLIUS Roll Up Stick Clip

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The METOLIUS Roll Up Stick Clip Kit contains a stick clip pole made from patented composite technology that allows the light but rigid 3m pole to roll up into an ultra-compact 95x115mm package weighing less than 1kg. The kit comes with a universal end fitting that accepts both a standard-sized clip (recreational use only) and the larger Rescue Superclip (for rescue applications). *Choose METOLIUS Roll Up Stick Clip Kit with Rescue Superclip added for a pole kit that's suitable for rescue situations and small enough to fit most rescue kits


  • Light but rigid 3m composite pole that rolls down to 95x115mm
  • Bayonet-style threaded end fitting (accepts multiple adaptor)
  • US painter's pole thread adaptor (fits both Standard and Rescue Superclips)
  • Standard Kit contains standard clip for non-locking carabiners (recreational use only)

*Kit with Rescue Superclip

  • Kit with larger Rescue Superclip is a must-have for all rescue applications
  • Rescue Superclip works with locking (twist lock/triple lock) rescue carabiners
  • Holds carabiner in open position for attachment to harness point in the case of rescue.