MAILLON RAPIDE Oval Widemouth - Steel

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Widemouth Mallion Rapide - Steel


The Maillon Rapide or Quicklink is the perfect connection hardware for permanent and semi-permanent applications. Ideally suited for the assembly of individual components into working systems. Their durability, high strength and compact design makes them a great choice for rigging and personal fall protection systems. The Oval wide-mouthed quicklink has a wider opening to make connecting easier.


Part Maillon Wide 8mm Maillon Wide 10mm Maillon Wide 12mm
Diameter 8 mm 10mm 12 mm
H.T. 88 mm 105.5 mm 125 mm
H.I. 72 mm 85.5 mm 100 mm
A 17.5 mm 20.5 mm 23.5 mm
O 17.5 mm 20.5 mm 23.5 mm
E 31.5 mm 36 mm 43 mm
T 11 mm 13 mm 15 mm
Weight 91 g 157 g 268 g
BL 35 kN 50 kN 62.5 kN