FERNO Industripod

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Hi-strength Alloy Confined Space Tripod


The FERNO IndustriPOD is a heavy duty, versatile and durable tripod designed for everyday use. It comes standard with three side-plate anchors and one swivel eyebolt anchor points on the head and adjustable rectangular legs. it has the ability to attach a variety of winches and haul systems depending on the user's requirements. The IndustriPOD's design allows for a 550 kg load (tested to 5500 kg) off the centre eyebolt and 360 kg loads (tested to 3600 kg off the side plate attachment points making it one of the strongest tripods on the market. Available with or without built-in pulley head


  • Adjustable feet with a non-slip tread pattern
  • Ball lock leg pins
  • Built-in pulley head version available
  • Rated 2 person rescue - 1 person working
  • Clearance (ground to eyebolt): 2275 mm
  • Overall height: 2465 mm extended, 1650 mm collapsed
  • Inside diameter of feet: 2185 mm
  • Weight: 23 kg


 Please refer to the FERNO IndustiPOD instruction sheet for more information.

 Please refer to the FERNO IndustiPOD information sheet for more information.