FERNO Arachnipod - Accessory Kit

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Full Accessory Kit


The FERNO Arachnipod Accessory Kit contains the complete set of components for the total edge management system (TEMS). It contains useful add-ons to expand your Arachnipod's adaptability and operational efficiency in the field. It is ideal for rescue and emergency services, construction, utility services and other industries that an advanced edge management system may be required.


Kit contains:

  • Arachnipod Steps - an invaluable aid to enable you to access the system's head to untangle ropes or attach additional gear without having to lower the system
  • Hold Down Stakes - secures a standard foot directly to the ground, eliminating the need to tether the feet with rope
  • Soft Ground Shoes - limits ground penetration / sinking in soft ground applications
  • Spike Feet - used in lieu of the standard foot for point loading and ground penetration applications. Can also be used in conjunction with soft ground shoes.
  • Equipment Bracket - can be used for rope descenders, belay devices, hauling systems and for tying off rope.
  • Gin Head - The gin head is used with a lazy leg to form a gin pole. It can also be used as a large rigging plate when not used in a gin pole configuration.
  • Reverse Head - The reverse head is used to change the angle between legs and is used when a lazy leg configuration is required.
  • Quad Plate - The quad plate is used whenever four legs or heads are used together such as when forming a quadpod or lazy leg configurations.
  • Rigging Plate - The rigging plate is used to provide additional stabilisation attachment points when only two legs are connected.
  • Hardware - contained in a handy see-through pouch, spares and additional hardware includes masonry bolts, drill bits, spare head, leg and detent pins


 Please refer to the FERNO Arachnipod information sheet for more information.

 Please refer to the Ferno Arachnipod Footprint information sheet for footprint dimensions.