CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY Sparrow Descender Default Title
Online Price $349.00
VCT 2D664

Award Winning Descender


The CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY Sparrow is a self-braking descender for use on 11mm static rope. The Sparrow has a multi-function control lever that will lock on the rope if it is released or without having to tie off the device and will decrease the descent speed when it is pulled strongly downward. It can be used to climb the rope but it is only recommended for short distances. Ideal for use for rope access and rescue


  • Rated for two-person rescue by experienced operators
  • Gate on side plate to allow removal of rope while the device remains attached
  • Working load limit 210 Kg
  • To be used only with static and semi static ropes
  • Rope diameter 11mm
  • Built-in braking spur can be used to create extra friction
  • Certified to EN 12841:2006-C, EN 341:2011-2A


 Please refer to the CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY Sparrow 200R instructions for more information.

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