CAMP Quicklink Delta - Steel

CAMP Quicklink Delta - Steel 8 mm
CAMP Quicklink Delta - Steel
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Delta Quicklink - Steel


The CAMP Quicklink is the perfect connection hardware for permanent and semi-permanent applications. Ideally suited for the assembly of individual components into working systems. Their durability, high strength and compact design make them a great choice for rigging and personal fall protection systems. The Delta shaped quicklink is designed and rated to take webbing in its lower part.


Part Camp Delta 8mm Camp Delta 10mm
Diameter 8mm 10mm
L.T. 56mm 66mm
L.I.1 22.5mm 25.5mm
L.I.2 40mm 46mm
H.T. 73mm 87mm
H.I. 57mm 80mm
O 10mm 67mm
E 24mm 29mm
R 8.85mm 10.25mm
T 11mm 13mm
Weight 88g 153g
BL 27kN 45kN

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