BLUEWATER Static Rope II++

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Hi-strength and Durable Static Rope


The BLUEWATER Static Rope ll++ is designed for professional, rescue and recreational use. It is manufactured with a 50/50 ratio of nylon core and a polyester sheath. The combination of these two materials produces a rope that has a higher UV rating, low stretch at working loads with high energy absorption and has a higher safety margin when used in alkali or acid environment. The BLUEWATER Static ll ++ is made in Australia to strict ISO standards and is known for its high durability.


  • Available in standard 50m, 100m and 200m Spools
  • Custom lengths and colours also available
  • Diameter 11.2mm
  • Weight - 90g/m
  • Strength 31.9kN
  • Complies with AS4142.3, AS/NZS4488.1-2