BLUEWATER Nylon Accessory Cord

Bluewater Accessory Cord
Online Price $1.45 Normal Price $1.65

Accessory Cord


The BLUEWATER Accessory Cord is a kernmantle cord manufactured from 100% nylon. It is known for its abrasion resistance and low stretch. The cord comes in a variety of standard lengths and colours. The BLUEWATER Accessory Cord is made in Australia to strict ISO standards.


Diameter Grams per Metre Tensile Strength
3MM 6.7 g/m 1.6 kN
4MM 12 g/m 3.5 kN
5MM 16.5 g/m 5.7 kN
6MM 25 g/m 8.4 kN
7MM 32.9 g/m 10.5 kN
8MM 43 g/m 12.9 kN

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