BEAL Access Unicore Static Rope 11mm - RED

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Unicore Technology - Red


The BEAL Access 11mm Unicore Static Rope is manufactured using a unique process that binds the sheath to the core meaning that any sheath slippage is reduced or eliminated. In the case of damage to the rope the sheath will remain bonded to the core which allows the user to pass any damaged sections without the risk of the sheath slipping. The Access Unicore is ideal for rope access and rescue particularly when the risk of damage to the rope is high.


  • Sheath slippage is reduced or eliminated
  • Variety of colours available
  • Available in 50m, 100m and 200m Spools
  • Elongation 150Kg - 2.8 %
  • Weight - 73g/m
  • Strength 32.9kN
  • Complies with CE EN1891 type A