GRIPPS Wind Technician Kit

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GRIPPS Wind Technician Kit

The GRIPPS Wind Technician Kit contains a complete drop tool solution for wind turbine workers. The many tool tethering options include a wearable wrist anchor, mobile phone gripper and the Gripps Bungee Tether Triple Action (ideal for suspending small power tools). The GRIPPS Wind Technician Kit also comes with a Gripps Lockjaw Climbers Bag, which can store a 10kg load.


  • 1x H01135 Lockjaw Climbers Bag (10kg maximum load)
  • 1x H01088 Adjustable Wrist Anchor with Tool Tether
  • 2x H01074 Bungee Tether Triple Action 7kg
  • 1x H01037 Tool Ring 25mm (10 pack)
  • 10x H01031 Screwlock Cables 150mm
  • 10x H01005 Tool Catch 12mm x 55mm
  • 1x H01010 Roll of V-Gripp Tape
  • 1x H02039P Phone Gripper with Coil Tether
  • 2x H03048 Little Gripper Kits
  • 1x H02032 Battery Catch Holster
  • 1x H01077 Shoulder Strap/Tether 5kg


  • Refer to each individual item for load-ratings, relevant Standards and any other safety information


Please refer to the GRIPPS Wind Technician Kit H01423 product sheet for more information.