GRIPPS Coil Hard Hat Tether

GRIPPS Coil Hard Hat Tether Single pack
GRIPPS Coil Hard Hat Tether
Online Price $8.75 Normal Price $12.50

Stop the Drops - Hard Hat Tether


The GRIPPS Coil Hard Hat Tether is so low-profile you won't even know you're wearing it. The coil features an industrial grade PU coating top deliver strength and work-site ruggedness. With a metal clamp far exceeding its max load rating combined with a tactical, light-weight design, the Coil Hard Hat Tether brings dependable strength when needed, and low-profile compatibility when not.



  • Lightweight and low profile design.
  • Extremely strong metal clamp.
  • Industrial grade PU coating.
  • Length 110 - 860mm
  • Rated to 0.5kg

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