GRIPPS Coil E-Tether With E-Catch

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Phone and Radio Coil Tether


The GRIPPS Coil E-Tether With Steel Clamp & E-Catch is engineered to withstand harsh work environments and keep your small electronic devices secure at height. An exceptionally strong steel clasp allows you to anchor your device to virtually anywhere on your body. The GRIPPS Coil E-Tether With Steel Clamp combines perfectly with the E-Catch to create drop prevention solutions for items that otherwise are very difficult to tether, and the PU coated coil ensures that it is out of the way when not in use.



  • Includes 1 x H01035 E-Catch.
  • PU coated coil for rugged use.
  • Low profile and lightweight.
  • Attaches to devices with and without tether attachment points.
  • Specifications
  • Length 18cm - 86cm
  • Rated to 0.5kg